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Whether ready to act now or simply wanting to know what finance opportunities exist, take advantage of the exceptional business finance expertise of Customer 1st Finance through decades of experience within the team.

Whether you have small, medium or large business, we are ready to meet and talk to offer guidance and support in your business finance journey at your place of business to help you invest the time in exploring what finance support is needed to help your business grow.

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Business property

We can help whether this is your first commercial property purchase or you are upgrading to accommodate growth to meet future business goals. 

With access to a wide range of commercial property lenders we can find the most appropriate loan to meet YOUR circumstances, including great interest rates, loan structures and conditions.

Business property extension or re-fit

If moving to a new commercial property is not the best decision for your business then a refit or expansion of your existing business property could be the answer.

To help in this case we firstly review you current business situation and future needs. We can then talk you through the options for your total business lending solution to meet your on-going business goals.

Your chosen solution could be secured against your commercial property or done in conjunction with separate equipment finance solutions to find the optimum fit for you.

Equipment finance

Having the right equipment for business is critical to optimise efficiency and effectiveness.updating machinery can increase gross margins greatly that flows directly to your bottom line performance.

We have access to several different finance solutions to assist with your SPECIFIC business equipment needs, including Chattel Mortgages, Leases and Import Finance if you are sourcing machinery from overseas.

All of these enable the purchase of a needed business asset today with loan repayments structured over the effective life of the equipment to preserve cash and other tangible assets in the business.

Cashflow finance options

In any business “Cash is King” so being able to improve cash flow and increase working capital through usage of finance would be logical to explore for any business.

This can be in the form of Cash Flow Finance (also called Debtor or Invoice Discounting Finance) that brings forward the cash cycle from people who owe you money.

It is also possible to leverage the business assets of some professional industries such as accountants, lawyers and insurance brokers. Again preserving other fixed assets to expand your finance capabilities.

There are a range of more specialist business finance options that we can explore consistent with your business goals we are always happy to explore with you. Simply call us for a free consultation.

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